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“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is departure into an unknown land.” -Sir Richard Burton


Why do we travel? Why do we put ourselves through the hassles of 13-hour bumpy bus rides, unexpected public transportation strikes and one-star hotel rooms in bad neighbourhoods with mouldy walls?

Masai Mara - 36 of 95

We do it to find new landscapes, new adventures and new perspectives. We do because we are unsatisfied by our little corner of the world, and know that there must be so much more to life than what we have lived of it so far.


We do it to for the strangers that become instant and life-long friends, and for renewed hope in the kindness of people. We do it for broken conversations in foreign languages and hand motions.


We travel because a life lived with adventure is a life lived with joy. We travel because staying in our comfort zone for too long makes us uncomfortable. We travel because people are fundamentally the same, and everyone has a story to be shared.


We travel for the joy of human relationship and global connections.


We travel to learn more about this great big world we all share, and to learn our place in it.


But most of all, I travel because nothing in this world could make me any happier.



With love,